Training floorball at home

How to train floorball at home is a relevant question many floorball players, parents (mum’s & dads) and coaches are asking or thinking about, right now. One way to set a base or standard for the floorball training at home, is to have common floorball drill bank (floorball book) as a starting point for the practice at home. This week we will focus on the floorball drills from pages 63 (A), 121 (B & C), 135 (C) etc. Do each drill for 5-10 minutes

Floorball training books for coaches and players

Training Tomorrows Floorball Players – …When you increase your floorball players “bandwidth” during the floorball practices, with challenging multitasking drills with reduced time you actually do the opposite for the feeling of the game, you slowdown the game for them thanks to higher “bandwidth”. This is exactly the purpose of this book, to give you the understanding, tools and methods to increase the “bandwidth”, with nonlinear or multidimensional floorball drills and coaching for all of your players.

Train Floorball at Home – Train floorball at home is a book for floorball players in all ages, who are ready train extra by their own, in other words for floorball players with big floorball heart, but also for floorball parents, who wants to support their child to develop in floorball, by practicing extra at home. Are you motivated to practice extra and want to learn more, and know what and how to practice floorball at home? In that case, in this book you will get training tips, drills for shooting, skill drills, but also physical exercises and coordination training you can perform at home.

Floorball Practices and Drills – All the floorball drills are drawn, so you can use it on different parts or in different sizes of the training area (full rink or as a small station), with an explanation to each drill.
This is a goldmine of Swedish and Finnish floorball drills and knowledge! More than 800 floorball drills.

Physical and strength training in Floorball

Floorball is about interconnected skills and movement patterns where the various physical skills are linked together and used simultaneously (footwork, hand eye coordination, physics, strength and the “normal floorball skills”). That is why this multidimensional thinking also needs to be included in the planning and in the design of floorball drills, physical and strength training in floorball. This floorball book has its main focus in floorball drills and practices with the physical training embedded in many drills, but there is also a separate section only focusing on physical and strength training in floorball, perfect practices to use before or after a floorball practice or during floorball off season training. Buy the floorball book via Amazon or other online bookstores.

Floorball Practices

Floorball practice book with more than 800 floorball drills ready to be used on your floorball practices. Clear floorball practice drawings and explanations to all floorball drills. ‪In addition to the floorball practices (passing, stickhandling, shooting, scoring, game and skill practices), you will find separate chapters for physical training and teambuilding practices in floorball. All floorball practices are clearly drawn and have English explanation, 428 pages. Buy through online bookstores or Amazon >>

Floorball, New behavior – New results – floorball training

In the new world of floorball, the riskiest thing you can do is to do the same things in the same way as you have always been doing, few things are as foolish as hoping old behaviors, will give you new results.

Floorball practice warm up

Committing yourself to be a master in what you do, is the new standard for success and great results. Be so good that people can not ignore to see you. Nothing less than my very best in every moment!

“I intend to give my best, to improve things and to create the football team in relation to my image and my football philosophy.” /José Mourinho

Aim for to be the best in world and ask your self, what the best in your discipline, leadership would do now? What is he/she doing right this moment? Probably reading this floorball blog ; )

Belief is nothing more than thoughts that have been repeated over and over again, until we have made them our own reality. Our believe and thoughts will be a self-fulfilling prophecy?