Floorball drills for 13-15 years old

  1. Cone weave: Place cones in a straight line, with each cone about a stick-length apart. Have players run through the cones, weaving in and out of them, and then back again. This drill improves their agility and speed.
  2. Breakout drills: Set up a breakout scenario, with one line of players on the defined spot and another line of players at the opposite end of the rink. The players on the defined spot pass the ball to each other and try to break out past the defenders. This drill improves their passing and communication skills.
  3. 2-on-1 drills: Set up a 2-on-1 situation, with two attackers against one defender. The attackers must work together to outmaneuver the defender and score a goal. This drill improves their offensive and defensive skills.
  4. 3-on-2 drills: Similar to the 2-on-1 drill, but with three attackers against two defenders. This drill improves the attackers’ ability to work together and find open space.
  5. Power drills: Have players run laps around the rink, focusing on their running and power. This drill improves their speed and endurance.
  6. Ball control drills: Have players run around the rink with a ball, practicing their stickhandling and ball control skills. This drill improves their ability to handle the ball in tight spaces.
  7. Shooting drills: Set up a shooting station, with a goaltender and several shooting targets. Have players take shots on goal, focusing on accuracy and power. This drill improves their shooting skills.
  8. Scrimmages: Have players play mini-games against each other, with the focus on teamwork and game strategy. This drill helps them develop their overall floorball skills and gain experience in game situations.

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