Floorball drills for 16-18 years old

  1. Breakout Drill: Set up cones in a straight line with a few feet of space between each cone. Players line up at one end of the cones and run down the line, weaving in and out of the cones. The focus of this drill is on quick and agile movement, as well as proper body positioning and control.
  2. 2-on-1 Transition Drill: Divide the team into two groups and set up a small rink with a goal at each end. Two players from one team start in the offensive zone with the ball, and one defender from the other team starts in the defensive zone. The offense tries to score on the goal while the defender tries to prevent the goal and transition the ball to the other end of the rink. This drill focuses on quick transitions, communication, and offensive and defensive strategy.
  3. 3-on-2 Scrimmage: Set up a full-sized rink and divide the team into two groups of three players each. The teams play a 3-on-2 scrimmage, with the focus on maintaining possession and creating scoring chances. This drill helps players develop their offensive and defensive skills, as well as their teamwork and decision-making.
  4. Power Circuit: Set up a series of stations around the rink, each focusing on a different technique or skill. For example, one station could focus on crossovers, another on pivots, and another on speed and acceleration. Players rotate through the stations, performing the prescribed drill at each station. This drill helps players improve their overall ability and coordination.
  5. Ball Control and Passing Drill: Set up cones in a grid pattern on the rink and have players run around the grid, controlling the ball and passing to each other. The focus of this drill is on ball control and passing accuracy, as well as positioning and communication.

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