Floorball drills for 15-17 years old

  1. Quick start sprints – Players line up at one end of the rink and sprint to the opposite end, touching the defined spot and returning to the starting line. This drill focuses on speed and acceleration.
  2. Stickhandling circuit – Players set up cones in a zig-zag pattern and stickhandle through the cones, focusing on control and agility.
  3. 2-on-1 breakouts – Players line up on opposite ends of the rink and run toward each other in pairs. One player carries the ball and attempts to score on the goalie, while the other player defends. This drill focuses on offensive and defensive positioning.
  4. Line change relay race – Players divide into two teams and line up at opposite ends of the rink. The first player runs to the center line and back, passing a ball to the next player in line. The team that completes the relay first wins. This drill focuses on quick transitions and communication.
  5. Scrimmage – Players divide into two teams and play a full-floor scrimmage game. This drill allows players to practice their skills in a game-like situation and develop their overall game awareness.

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