Off-season drills

Floorball Off-season Practices and training eBook

Floorball off-season practices found here are without any weights included in the
training / practice, except for your own body or your friends body, you can add some weights into many of the off-season practices if you want, but the off-season practices will work really well without, as well. Use the floorball off season practices out- or indoors, alone, in pairs, or with the whole floorball team. By combining different off season drills you get new form of off season practices, training or drills.

Visit also the floorball stickhandling and ball control page, these drills and practices can also be used off-season.
Floorball off season practices and drills


Floorball off-season practice material content

Training in general
Strength training
Speed training
Stamina training
Analyzing the needs
Circle Training and practices
Warm up practices
Jumping practices
Upper body practices
Leg practices
Running training
Coordination practices
Duelling in pairs
Other Drills
Floorball off season and dryland practices


Floorball off-season practices

In general you can say there are two ways of looking at off season practicing and how you should perform the practice. The first training model is about making a big amount of repetitions, sets and practices for each muscle group.

50-70%, 10-15 repetitions X 5-10 sets and > 4 practices for each muscle group.

The other training model is closer to the one used during maximum strength
70-80%, 6-10 repetitions X 3-5 sets and < 4 practices for each muscle group.

Floorball Strength, speed and stamina training

What are the physical demands in your sport (floorball)? What and how should you practice? Inside the book you get some guidance. E.g. floorball requires both speed and stamina, but less strength than in hockey or wrestling and the floorball players don’t need to have the stamina of a marathon runner. You also find tables for strength,
speed and stamina training in floorball to guide you in your off season
practices and of course a lot of off-season practices in different categories.

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