Tomorrows Floorball – Future Floorball Drills

With a high speed connection in the heads of your floorball players heads, the information processing and switching between tasks will be smooth and flawless, resulting in improved individual floorball skills as well as how the team plays together.

This is exactly the purpose of this book, Training Tomorrows Floorball Players, to give you the understanding, tools and methods to increase the “bandwidth”, with nonlinear or multidimensional floorball drills and coaching for all of your players. The key is to increase the challenge all the time for all of your players, otherwise the development curve will flat out, if you don’t push it further. Let’s push it further together!



Practice floorball at home

Practicing floorball at home is easy and no big preparations are needed, just some empty floor space. Most of the times the only tricky thing is to have ideas for floorball drills. With the book Train Floorball at Home, that issue is solved. 100:s of floorball drills to use at home.

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New and challenging floorball drills and practices

The book Training Tomorrows Floorball Players, take a look into the evolution of the floorball players mind and capacity, connecting it to the world they are facing today and how it affects the floorball practices and floorball drills, or at least should, if we are not stuck in old patterns as floorball coaches?

Training floorball at home

How to train floorball at home is a relevant question many floorball players, parents (mum’s & dads) and coaches are asking or thinking about, right now. One way to set a base or standard for the floorball training at home, is to have common floorball drill bank (floorball book) as a starting point for the practice at home. This week we will focus on the floorball drills from pages 63 (A), 121 (B & C), 135 (C) etc. Do each drill for 5-10 minutes

Floorball Book

Floorball book with 800 floorball drills, if you need one floorball book this is the one. All floorball drills and practices in this book are ready to use on your floorball practices. This is a Floorball drill book with various floorball drills for different levels and ages. 428 pages loaded with floorball drills, practices and floorball coaching knowledge. Buy through link below or in online bookstores or via Amazon