Floorball Drills for 6 to 10 year old

Youth Floorball Practices and drills for training 6,7,8,9 and 10 year old floorball players eBook

Youth Floorball drills, practices and training for 6-10 year old floorball players. To make the best use of the practicing surface during a floorball practice, the floorball drills are divided up to small parts on the rink, so you can have many active floorball players at the same time.

Floorball practice drills for 6-10 years old – content:

6-10 floorball drills and practices

Running drills and practices with or without a ball

– Forward
– Backwards
– Turns
– Stops
– etc.

Mixed floorball drills

– With ball and without
– Passes and shots
– Forward and backward running with ball


Floorball Ball control and stickhandling drills

– Ball and stick handling drills in different situations

6-10 stick handling in floorball

Passing drills

– Standing still
– In movement
– Ball and position change

Floorball game situation drills

– 2 on 0
– 2 on 1
– 2 on 2
– 3 on 3
– 4 on 4
– Game depth and wideness

6-10 floorball drills and practices 2 vs. 0 or goalie

Floorball shooting drills

– Standing
– In movement
– In game situations


In total over 100 pages and almost 200 youth floorball drills. You will easily collect and set up a floorball practice each week, for many years forward. All the youth floorball drills have explanations in English.

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