Training floorball at home

How to train floorball at home is a relevant question many floorball players, parents (mum’s & dads) and coaches are asking or thinking about, right now. One way to set a base or standard for the floorball training at home, is to have common floorball drill bank (floorball book) as a starting point for the practice at home. This week we will focus on the floorball drills from pages 63 (A), 121 (B & C), 135 (C) etc. Do each drill for 5-10 minutes

Floorball Training Books & eBooks

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Floorball Drills Book and eBook

Training Tomorrows Floorball Players, is looking into the new reality surrounding us and how that affects the floorball players, but also us floorball coaches. How should a modern, new and challenging floorball drill look like?

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Training Tomorrow’s Floorball Players


Floorball Training

Floorball training, practices and drills. Floorball training book with over 800 floorball drills. Improve your floorball training, games and practices. Floorball passing, shooting, game, stickhandling and skill drills. Separate chapter for physical training in floorball and teambuilding exercises. Take your floorball training to the next level, with the floorball drills in this floorball training book.
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