Floorball Facts

Floorball or Unihockey is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Floorball is an indoor team sport which was developed in the 1970s in Sweden. Floorball is most popular in Europe (Sweden, Finland, Switzerland , Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Estonia and Latvia), but floorball is growing fast in other countries around the world, like in United States, Canada Latvia, Australia, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Singapore and Malaysia etc.

Floorball is also known by many other names, in the beginning the English name was indoor bandy, since it was translated from the Swedish word innebandy* (in Sweden and Norway) and salibandy* (in Finland), in Finland the name säbä is growing popularity today. Switzerland and Germany uses unihockey or floorball.

*“The names “salibandy” and “innebandy” are derived from bandy; both of those names literally translate to “indoor bandy“. Unihockey is derived from “universal hockey” since it is meant to be a special and simplified hockey form” /Wikipedia

Floorball in Google

One way to look at how big the sport (Floorball) is around the world, is to
count the hits in Google 2012:
Floorball gets 7,4 million hits in Google
Unihockey 2,87 million hits
Innebandy 13,8 million hits (Sweden)
and salibandy 2,24 million hits and Säbä 50 000 (Finland)

This can be compared with Football (310 million hits) and Ice Hockey (102 million hits), that result gives you the picture, that floorball although it’s growing fast, is still quite small sport compared to the other two sports. Or the lack of floorball websites on Google?

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