Floorball drills for 9-11 years old

  1. Passing and shooting drill: Set up cones or small goals in a line, and have players pass the ball back and forth, taking turns shooting on goal. Encourage players to use their backhand and forehand shots.
  2. Stickhandling and ball control drill: Set up a series of obstacles, such as cones or pylons, and have players run around them while controlling the ball. This can also be done in a small-sided game format, with players competing to keep possession of the ball while navigating the obstacles.
  3. Team attack and defense drill: Set up a small-sided game with two teams, and have players work on attacking and defending as a unit. Encourage players to communicate and support each other on both offense and defense.
  4. 1-on-1 battle drill: Set up a small rink with two goals, and have players compete in 1-on-1 battles to score on the opposing goal. Encourage players to use their body positioning and stick handling skills to gain an advantage.
  5. Breakout and transition drill: Set up a full-sized rink and divide the players into two teams. Have one team work on breaking out of their own zone and transitioning to offense, while the other team practices defending and transitioning to offense. Encourage players to use proper passing techniques to make quick, efficient transitions.

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