Floorball drills you can use at home

Train floorball at home, is a floorball drill book, mainly for floorball players and their parents, but it’s also a great source of small drills for floorball coaches to be used on e.g. different stations during a floorball practice:

What is required to succeed in floorball? – Shooting drills – Shooting drills with obstacles – Skill tracks – Stickhandling and fakes on a small surface – Drills with a ball passer – Skill drills with jumps and steps – Odd shots, fakes and other training tips – Physical and coordination training at home.

Floorball Coaching Book

Floorball practices and drills is a book for floorball coaches, containing, floorball drills, teambuilding exercises, leadership and physical training. The floorball drills are drawn, to be used on different parts or in different sizes of the training area (full rink or as a small station), with an explanation to each drill.



Physical and strength training in Floorball

Floorball is about interconnected skills and movement patterns where the various physical skills are linked together and used simultaneously (footwork, hand eye coordination, physics, strength and the “normal floorball skills”). That is why this multidimensional thinking also needs to be included in the planning and in the design of floorball drills, physical and strength training in floorball. This floorball book has its main focus in floorball drills and practices with the physical training embedded in many drills, but there is also a separate section only focusing on physical and strength training in floorball, perfect practices to use before or after a floorball practice or during floorball off season training. Buy the floorball book via Amazon or other online bookstores.

Floorball Training

Floorball training, practices and drills. Floorball training book with over 800 floorball drills. Improve your floorball training, games and practices. Floorball passing, shooting, game, stickhandling and skill drills. Separate chapter for physical training in floorball and teambuilding exercises. Take your floorball training to the next level, with the floorball drills in this floorball training book.
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