Floorball drills for 8-10 years old

  1. Mini-game: Divide players into two teams and set up a small-sided game with goals and a goalkeeper. Encourage players to use their stickhandling and shooting skills to score goals.
  2. Pass and move: Set up cones in a grid pattern and have players pass the ball to each other, moving around the grid and switching direction frequently. This drill helps improve their ball control and body positioning.
  3. Dangle drill: Set up two lines of players facing each other, with a player in the middle. The players in the middle take turns stickhandling through the other players, trying to get past them without losing control of the ball. This drill helps improve their stickhandling and dodging skills.
  4. Shooting drill: Set up a shooting lane and have players take turns shooting at the net from different angles and distances. This drill helps improve their shooting accuracy and power.
  5. Power : Have players run around the rink, focusing on their running, power, and balance. This drill helps improve their speed and agility.

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