Floorball shooting top 10 tips

  1. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your body balanced to maintain control and accuracy.
  2. Hold the stick with a firm grip, using both hands to keep it steady.
  3. Use your top hand to guide the stick and control the direction of the shot.
  4. Keep your eyes focused on the target and aim for the upper corners of the net.
  5. Use a quick wrist snap to generate power and speed on the shot.
  6. Use your body and legs to generate momentum for the shot.
  7. Practice your shot regularly to improve accuracy and consistency.
  8. Experiment with different types of shots, such as wrist shots, backhands, and slap shots.
  9. Vary the speed and direction of your shot to keep the goalie guessing.
  10. Always follow through on your shot, continuing to move the stick in the direction of the shot.

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