Floorball drills (1)

Floorball Practices & Drills (eBook)

Floorball drills 1 contains a mix of different floorball practices and drills and it’s created to cover all parts of a floorball practice and training. You get floorball drills for stick handling, passing, shooting, 1 on 1, 2 on 1, 2 on 2… You will find aprox. 240 floorball drills in this collection.
Floorball warm up drill on floorball practice

Here are some of the floorball drills and practices you will find in this material:

– Floorball Warm up drills
– Running with ball
– Stick handling drills
– Passing drills
– Floorball skill drills
– 1 on 1 drills / practices / training
– 2 on 1 drills / practices / training
–  2 on 2 drills / practices / training
–  3 on 2 drills / practices / training
–  3 on 3 drills / practices / training
–  5 on 0 drills / practices / training
–  5 on 3 drills / practices / training

There are also floorball drills and practices for:
– Competition or relays, to give your floorball players the same feeling on your floorball practice as in the real floorball games.
Floorball Shooting / goal scoring practice


The floorball practice drills are following a pattern so it will be:
Easy for you to switch between different floorball drills on your practice, with minimum of time loss. (minimum of moving balls and queuing)

– The floorball drills are also easy to change from advanced to easy floorball drills by removing moves, passes or players, or the opposite, by adding passes, players or moves into the floorball drills, that way you always get floorball drills that are suitable for your team and the level your players are on.

Starting with easier floorball plays, your players learn the basics and you can   develop the floorball drills, step by step.

The floorball drills doesn’t have any explanations, but the floorball practices are easy to understand by following the numbering of the players, symbols and arrows.

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