Floorball strength top 10 tips

  1. Develop a strong core: having a strong core will help you maintain balance and stability in the game, which is crucial for executing powerful shots and making quick movements.
  2. Increase your lower body strength: your legs and hips are the primary sources of power in floorball, so it’s important to focus on exercises that target these areas, such as squats and lunges.
  3. Improve your upper body strength: having strong arms and shoulders will help you generate more force when shooting the ball and win battles along the boards. Exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, and bench presses can help with this.
  4. Use resistance training: using resistance bands, weights, or other forms of resistance can help you build strength and power.
  5. Incorporate plyometric exercises: plyometric exercises, such as jumping and bounding, can help you improve your explosiveness and speed in the game.
  6. Train your grip: having a strong grip will help you hold onto your stick more effectively, which is important for shooting, stickhandling, and winning battles along the boards.
  7. Practice balance and coordination: floorball is a fast-paced and highly-coordinated sport, so it’s important to work on your balance and coordination through drills and exercises.
  8. Don’t neglect your cardiovascular fitness: having good cardiovascular fitness will help you run faster and have more endurance in the game.
  9. Stay flexible: maintaining good flexibility will help you move more freely and reduce the risk of injuries.
  10. Get enough rest and recovery: it’s important to allow your body time to rest and recover in between training sessions to avoid overtraining and burnout.

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