Floorball stickhandling top 10 tips

  1. Keep your stick close to the floor and use quick, short movements to maintain control of the ball.
  2. Practice using both your forehand and backhand to improve your versatility and ball handling skills.
  3. Use your body to protect the ball from defenders and keep it in your possession.
  4. Keep your head up and eyes in the game to anticipate the movement of other players and the ball.
  5. Use your lower body to generate power and speed when stickhandling.
  6. Practice with obstacles, such as cones or balls, to improve your stickhandling ability in tight spaces.
  7. Use your wrists to control the ball and make quick, precise movements.
  8. Vary your speed and stickhandling movements to throw off defenders and maintain possession of the ball.
  9. Work on your coordination and balance to improve your stickhandling and overall ball control.
  10. Practice regularly to improve your stickhandling skills and become a more confident and skilled player.

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