Floorball 2-1-2 in practice

2-1-2 in Floorball

2-1-2 set up / system in floorball visualized in practice (division 1 in Sweden).

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2-1-2 Floorball Set up / System

2-1-2 Offensive or nornal Floorball Set up / System

2-1-2 Salibandy Normaali Asetelma

2-1-2 in floorball can be a very strong system, if it’s used wisely. Forecheck will come from P1 or P2 in the first place depending on the breakout from the opponent. P3 has a central key role cutting all crosses and diagonal passes. Transitions can also be very quick e.g. D2 to P3 who will have to options ahead P1 and P2, or immediately to quick counter attack by D1/D2 to P1 or P2.

2-1-2 Defensive Floorball Set up / System

2-1-2 Salibandy Puolustava Asetelma

2-1-2 can also be used very defensively and will the create a very static game.

2-1-2 Floorball Set up / System Steering / Checking from right to left

2-1-2 Salibandy oikealta ohjaaminen vasemmalle

By deciding to move players forward on one side (right in example), you will force the other team to make their breakouts on one side, this way you can limit at least some breakout options for the opposite floorball team. By strengthening one side or almost closing it, you can also confuse the other team, since many of the set ups are very balanced. Of course you should try to force the other team to play up on their weak side, or your stronger side.

2-1-2 Floorball Set up / System Steering / Checking from left to right

2-1-2 Salibandy vasemmalta ohjaaminen oikealle

Floorball set up / system 2-2-1, 1-2-2, 1-3-1 and 2-1-2

Floorball game systems and set ups like 2-2-1, 1-2-2, 1-3-1 and 2-1-2 are basically only visible when the floorball team has lost the ball and changed from attack to defense, or are just changing from defense to attack, that will say in a fast counter attack in a floorball game.

1-2-2 in Floorball

I will add a few examples of the different constellations and floorball set ups, such as 2-2-1, 1-2-2, 1-3-1 and 2-1-2. The set ups can be played in many ways, for example, offensive, defensive, and right or the left-weighted.

2-1-2 in Floorball

Systems can also vary depending on the floorball team, coaches, players, and their given roles, so for example 2-2-1 found on this page does not need to be the same as how all floorball teams and coaches will play 2-2-1, these are just my examples.

Images are marked with green areas, the plan is to win the ball primary in that area. Red areas represent dangerous or game system / design / set up weaknesses.

So far I have not added either text or a description for the set ups, but I’ll do it over
time, so please return to the page, I will also add various openings / break outs in
floorball, or the small golden details which will help you break the different floorball