Body Language

Communication through all forms is central in life, floorball, coaching, leadership, and in many other areas, for me body language is a big part of communication. Therefore you will also find material about body language connected to leadership here on

Visible barrier between Ronaldo (Real Madrid), Xavi and Messi (Barcelona)

Some people, when they feel uneasy, will display a defensive body language by putting a barrier between them and the person or situation that is making them uncomfortable. Meaning the person / persons are keeping a distance and avoiding stepping into an others comfort zone.
This could also be shown in more physical things to build up the barrier like a chair, table, or even holding a package out in front of them making an obstacle between them and the perceived threat.

What do you think about this picture? It’s easy to spot there is one Real Madrid player (to the left) and to Barcelona players (to the right) by the body language of Christiano Ronaldo, Xavi and Lionel Messi.

Ronaldo, Xavi, Messi or Real Madrid vs Barcelona

Body Language in Floorball

Have you tought about the body language you as floorball coach show, or what are the body language signals your floorball players are showing during a floorball game, confident, strong, weak, happy, winners, losers…?

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2-1-2 Floorball Set up / System

2-1-2 Offensive or nornal Floorball Set up / System

2-1-2 Salibandy Normaali Asetelma

2-1-2 in floorball can be a very strong system, if it’s used wisely. Forecheck will come from P1 or P2 in the first place depending on the breakout from the opponent. P3 has a central key role cutting all crosses and diagonal passes. Transitions can also be very quick e.g. D2 to P3 who will have to options ahead P1 and P2, or immediately to quick counter attack by D1/D2 to P1 or P2.

2-1-2 Defensive Floorball Set up / System

2-1-2 Salibandy Puolustava Asetelma

2-1-2 can also be used very defensively and will the create a very static game.

2-1-2 Floorball Set up / System Steering / Checking from right to left

2-1-2 Salibandy oikealta ohjaaminen vasemmalle

By deciding to move players forward on one side (right in example), you will force the other team to make their breakouts on one side, this way you can limit at least some breakout options for the opposite floorball team. By strengthening one side or almost closing it, you can also confuse the other team, since many of the set ups are very balanced. Of course you should try to force the other team to play up on their weak side, or your stronger side.

2-1-2 Floorball Set up / System Steering / Checking from left to right

2-1-2 Salibandy vasemmalta ohjaaminen oikealle