Floorbal training at home

Be prepared for the next floorball season with floorball drills to do at home. Train floorball at home or outdoors with these individual skill developing floorball drills.

The floorball training books or eBooks can be bought through the links below or by searching for the book titles in online bookstores or in Google.

Train Floorball at Home

Floorball Skill Zone

Do you have a dedicated area to practice floorball at home? If you have a floorball skill zone, area or pad, Then I think the book / eBook Train Floorball at Home is definitely something for you, get 100:s of different floorball drills to do at home on your floorball skill zone and other floorball training related tips.



Training floorball skills at home

Improving your floorball skills is easy by training at extra at home. In the book Train floorball at home, you will find floorball skill drills that you easily set up at home on a small surface / area, 30 minutes per day or at least several times per week, will increase your floorball skills and you as floorball player in a team! Set up the floorball drills to do at home on a small floor space or use it on a floorball skill pad. The books is also available in online bookstores like ALIBRIS and AMAZON

Floorball drills to do at Home

Practice floorball at home with support from the floorball drills in this book.

Practice Floorball at Home

The drive to practice floorball at home is maybe the best skill or quality a floorball player can have, take support from these Floorball drills to do at home. The floorball book is available as a classic book to hold in your hand, or as an eBook (available soon).

The floorball book is also available in other online bookstores, like Alibris.com or Amazon.com