Floorball Coaching from different perspectives

Have you ever thought about how the floorball coaching role is seen from different perspectives… Not? Well I have, and these are just my personal thoughts… 🙂

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Floorball vs. Hockey from a coach perspective Part 1

Floorball vs. hockey, I think this is the way it’s seen among hockey and floorball coaches and you have a lot of preconceptions involved among the coaches, which are also very often transferred to the players and already there you have a huge barrier to break through, if you would like to try to combine the participation between these two sports, hockey and floorball.

Hockey – “Floorball is for weak hockey players” or “Hockey for girls”
Floorball – “Hockey is extremely expensive” or “Hockey players have the wrong values, they are too macho!”

Floorball defense

With these and similar statements, you create a huge conflict to a young floorball or hockey player who would like to try or start with one of the sports, which side should you choose (many times a young players parent will choose for them)?
I don’t think you should choose one side, I think you should try to combine these two sports, hockey and floorball, if it’s possible, since they will be complementary to each and other and improve the players in general.

So instead of seeing the benefits from combining floorball and hockey, when you are dealing with young floorball or hockey players, the focus is put on building barriers, starting from many coaches or sometimes parents?