1-2-2 Floorball Set up / System

1-2-2 Floorball Set up / System – Normal or Offensive

1-2-2 Salibandy Normaali tai Hyökkäävä Asetelma

In a 1-2-2 floorball system, for me the D2 player will be the most important both in defense, but also in building up your offensive plays.

1-2-2 Defensive Floorball Set up / System

1-2-2 Salibandy Puolustava Asetelma

1-2-2 Floorball Set up / System securing the centre / middle

1-2-2 Salibandy Keskustan varmistava Asetelma

If you have centrally strong opponent, you can try to pull in your players more centrally to force out the other team to the sides.

1-2-2 Floorball V-Set up / V-System

1-2-2 Salibandy V-Asetelma

1-2-2 in V-formation will close the borders and force the opposite team in to the middle. Situations in the middle will be really tight and you need to be careful with the positioning of your teams players, be on the right side all the time between your own goal and your opponent.

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