Practice Floorball at Home

The drive to practice floorball at home is maybe the best skill or quality a floorball player can have, take support from these Floorball drills to do at home. The floorball book is available as a classic book to hold in your hand, or as an eBook (available soon).

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Floorball Training Books & eBooks

3 Floorball training books, Floorball practices and drills, Training Tomorrows Floorball Players and Train Floorball at home. Buy through links below from the printing company or through online bookstores, like Alibris and Amazon.

Floorball at home

Floorball drills to do at home is a great way to develop your floorball skills in an efficient way.

Train Floorball at Home

Train floorball at home is book or eBook with loads of floorball drills to do at home.

Multitasking skills in Floorball

Take your floorball training, practices and drills to the next level with the floorball book or eBook – Training Tomorrows Floorball Players – The book is adressing the header and connecting it to new and challenging floorball drills.