FAQ Floorball Drills for 6-10 year olds

Question: Hi Jukka, I am in Calgary working at Hockey Canada’s head office and we just ordered the drill book 6-10 yr olds..is it a hard copy drill book or is it an ebook?  Just wondering when we will get it?
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Floorball practice drill dribbling

Answer: It’s an eBook, and its delivered “manually” after payment, through e-mail (usually after a couple of hours, like with your order), so there is not a direct download link.
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Floorball Communication Guidelines

One good communication guideline I can give you, is that, always remember who or what you are speaking to, or about, and pay attention to the situation that you are in. You cannot use the same logic and vocabulary with a group of eight year old floorball players that you would with a team of professional floorball players. You might be able to yell at older players during floorball drills, but you can’t do the same thing to a ten year old floorball player or with a referee during a game.

Floorball game and passing drill practices

Above all, always, remember that the world does not circle around you, each floorball game and practice is just a practice, until you start to earn your living on it, then the stakes might be higher.
Every floorball player, parent, spectator, and game official has their own beliefs and sets of priorities. Very few of these people will bend to your desires just because you are a floorball coach. Be prepared to explain what you want and why, this will help you on you floorball coach journey.

Floorball vs. Hockey from a parents perspective Part 1

Hockey is expensive and floorball is cheap and easy to start with? This is at least the most most used phrase in Sweden, but is it true?

Cost for Hockey vs Floorball equipment

Hockey costs in Sweden for 7-8 year old players, close to Stockholm;

– 10€ training fee (50€ second year)
– 40€ Skates
– 25€ Shin guards
– 15€ Socks
– 50€ Hockey pants
– 30€ Shoulder pads
– 15€ Elbow pads
– 15€ neck and throat guard
– 60€ Helmet with face protection
– 30€ Hockeystick

290€ to play hockey the first year.

Hockey vs Floorball and team size
Hockey players warming up before a practice game against a floorball team.

Floorball costs in Sweden for 7-8 year old players, close to Stockholm;

– 60€ in training fee (130€ after two years)
– 40€ Shoes
– 30 € Protective glasses
– 55€ Team tracksuit
– 25€ Team shorts and socks
– 20€ Team bag
– 50€ Floorball stick

280€ for playing floorball the first year.

The cost to start playing the first years are quite similar, hockey has the rumour of being expensive hanging over already from the beginning, but as a floorball parent you are forced to buy “team spirit strengthening” equipment from the beginning which increases the start up cost.

By buying used equipment and being careful with the items around the sport (tracksuits etc. this is directed towards the teams) you can keep the cost down in both sports and allow your children(s) to try and practice both?