Floorball Skill Zone

Do you have a dedicated area to practice floorball at home? If you have a floorball skill zone, area or pad, Then I think the book / eBook Train Floorball at Home is definitely something for you, get 100:s of different floorball drills to do at home on your floorball skill zone and other floorball training related tips.



Floorball drills you can use at home

Train floorball at home, is a floorball drill book, mainly for floorball players and their parents, but it’s also a great source of small drills for floorball coaches to be used on e.g. different stations during a floorball practice:

What is required to succeed in floorball? – Shooting drills – Shooting drills with obstacles – Skill tracks – Stickhandling and fakes on a small surface – Drills with a ball passer – Skill drills with jumps and steps – Odd shots, fakes and other training tips – Physical and coordination training at home.

Floorball training books for coaches and players

Training Tomorrows Floorball Players – …When you increase your floorball players “bandwidth” during the floorball practices, with challenging multitasking drills with reduced time you actually do the opposite for the feeling of the game, you slowdown the game for them thanks to higher “bandwidth”. This is exactly the purpose of this book, to give you the understanding, tools and methods to increase the “bandwidth”, with nonlinear or multidimensional floorball drills and coaching for all of your players.

Train Floorball at Home – Train floorball at home is a book for floorball players in all ages, who are ready train extra by their own, in other words for floorball players with big floorball heart, but also for floorball parents, who wants to support their child to develop in floorball, by practicing extra at home. Are you motivated to practice extra and want to learn more, and know what and how to practice floorball at home? In that case, in this book you will get training tips, drills for shooting, skill drills, but also physical exercises and coordination training you can perform at home.

Floorball Practices and Drills – All the floorball drills are drawn, so you can use it on different parts or in different sizes of the training area (full rink or as a small station), with an explanation to each drill.
This is a goldmine of Swedish and Finnish floorball drills and knowledge! More than 800 floorball drills.

Floorball Book

Floorball book with 800 floorball drills, if you need one floorball book this is the one. All floorball drills and practices in this book are ready to use on your floorball practices. This is a Floorball drill book with various floorball drills for different levels and ages. 428 pages loaded with floorball drills, practices and floorball coaching knowledge. Buy through link below or in online bookstores or via Amazon

New printed Floorball Practice and Drill book


New printed Floorball Practice and Drill book in online bookstores (book and eBook), with more than 800 illustrated floorball drills, with english explanation to each drill and practice! 
This book is a goldmine of Swedish and Finnish floorball drills, training and exercises, floorball off season training and teambuilding included as well. The Floorball practice book will of course be also available as an eBook.