Floorball Drills for Multiskills

Floorball drills for fast feets, quick hands and speed in mind! This is maybe the shortest way to describe the content in the book Training Tomorrows Floorball Players. Floorball drills that challenge your floorball players to take the next step, with multiskill floorball drills where time and space is limited.

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Floorball Drills

This floorball drill book / eBook, Training Tomorrows Floorball Players will look into how to take the floorball drills and practices to a succeeding level. How do you make the floorball drills in a way match-like or sometimes even more “advanced” than a match situation in floorball, with this approach you will “slow down” the real floorball game for your floorball players and give them the opportunity to be successful as individual floorball players and as a team. Work with speed for feets, hands in the floorball drills and maybe the most important to be successful floorball player, speed in mind!

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Training floorball shots at home

If you train floorball shots at home, you will see good and also often quick improvement in your floorball shooting skills, in the book Train floorball at home you find tips, tricks and ready to use floorball shooting and skill drills.



Floorball drills you can use at home

Train floorball at home, is a floorball drill book, mainly for floorball players and their parents, but it’s also a great source of small drills for floorball coaches to be used on e.g. different stations during a floorball practice:

What is required to succeed in floorball? – Shooting drills – Shooting drills with obstacles – Skill tracks – Stickhandling and fakes on a small surface – Drills with a ball passer – Skill drills with jumps and steps – Odd shots, fakes and other training tips – Physical and coordination training at home.

Floorball Skill Pad / Area / Zone

Are you looking for floorball drills to use on your floorball skill pad, area or floorball training zone at home? In the book Train Floorball at Home you will find ready to use floorball drills for the floorball practice at home on your floorball skill pad, area or zone. The book is also covering what’s required to succeed in floorball and other training tips to be successful and keep developing you as floorball player.