Training floorball fakes at home

Did you know that you need 10 000 repetitions to automate a floorball fake or move? If you repeat and train a floorball fake 100 times per day, you need to do it for 100 days to reach 10 000 repetitions. Training floorball fakes at home will get you closer to the number of repetitions needed to be a successful floorball player or at least mastering the fake you have been practicing on.



Floorball Skill Pad / Area / Zone

Are you looking for floorball drills to use on your floorball skill pad, area or floorball training zone at home? In the book Train Floorball at Home you will find ready to use floorball drills for the floorball practice at home on your floorball skill pad, area or zone. The book is also covering what’s required to succeed in floorball and other training tips to be successful and keep developing you as floorball player.



Training floorball skills at home

Improving your floorball skills is easy by training at extra at home. In the book Train floorball at home, you will find floorball skill drills that you easily set up at home on a small surface / area, 30 minutes per day or at least several times per week, will increase your floorball skills and you as floorball player in a team! Set up the floorball drills to do at home on a small floor space or use it on a floorball skill pad. The books is also available in online bookstores like ALIBRIS and AMAZON

New and challenging floorball drills and practices

The book Training Tomorrows Floorball Players, take a look into the evolution of the floorball players mind and capacity, connecting it to the world they are facing today and how it affects the floorball practices and floorball drills, or at least should, if we are not stuck in old patterns as floorball coaches?

Training floorball at home

How to train floorball at home is a relevant question many floorball players, parents (mum’s & dads) and coaches are asking or thinking about, right now. One way to set a base or standard for the floorball training at home, is to have common floorball drill bank (floorball book) as a starting point for the practice at home. This week we will focus on the floorball drills from pages 63 (A), 121 (B & C), 135 (C) etc. Do each drill for 5-10 minutes