Floorball – Creativity within the frames

Give your floorball team members goals, not instructions on how to reach them. Ask for their input and point of view. Give your floorball players room to act and therefore also space for creativity, within the frames. You don’t need to have all the answer, guide your players to answers inside themselves (e.g. Player: How should we do this?  Coach: Do you have a good suggestion how to do it? Or, how would you like to solve it? Or, someone else, who has a good answer?)  After starting the fire (why and what), avoid putting your fingers in to the fire (how), create the framework for the fire and trust your players.

Floorball drills for 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 year old, skills passing, running and shooting

José Mourinho

“I use a global method, I use direct methods when preparing our organization, but I also use guided discovery where I create the practice, dictate the aim, and the players come up with different solutions” /José Mourinho