Profile - Floorball CoachingName: Jukka Aro
Age: 36 years
Nationality: Finland
Living in: Sweden

Leadership and Sports education: Highest coaching degree in sports (Coach academy). Highest coaching degree level 3 in ice hockey (Swedish Elitserien).

Leader experience: From boys teams to elite level in sports. 6 years in a company management team. I have also been training people in leadership, teamwork/teambuilding and operational development for over 10 years.

My Floorball Coaching Vision:

Give you new input to your floorball games and practices, by transferring my hockey and leadership knowledge to floorball leadership, coaching, drills, practices and excercises.

If you think you find valuable free floorball leadership material and would like therefore to support me, please make a donation (you choose the amount), I can add a link to your company, team, website or just add your name into a post if you make a donation, thank you in advance!


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