Floorball – The Leadership Model – Mourinho & Waterboy

The Floorball Leadership Model – Mourinho & Waterboy = “The Mourinho Code”

Football Leadership Coaching Model Mourinho Waterboy

About The Floorball leadership model

This is the floorball leadership and coaching model all the posts in the floorball leadership category will be based on. Let’s start the floorball leadership training journey with this first post in the leadership category. You will find the leadership model through these links as well, with an overall description of the floorball leadership model >>

Above you see my interpretation of Jose Mourinhos leadership. I have combined a few different leadership models and leadership theories to an own leadership model which I have dubbed “The Mourinho Code“ It is these leadership elements that I think Jose Mourinho is masterful in getting in place in the football teams he works with. The success of a floorball team is linked to how well you get the various blocks in place.

“We lead the league with nine points. Is it because we have been lucky? Of course not. It’s about anything else, than being lucky when you’re talking about my players. “ /José Mourinho

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