Floorball Coaching from different perspectives

Have you ever thought about how the floorball coaching role is seen from different perspectives… Not? Well I have, and these are just my personal thoughts… 🙂

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Floorball vs. Hockey from a parents perspective Part 1

Hockey is expensive and floorball is cheap and easy to start with? This is at least the most most used phrase in Sweden, but is it true?

Cost for Hockey vs Floorball equipment

Hockey costs in Sweden for 7-8 year old players, close to Stockholm;

– 10€ training fee (50€ second year)
– 40€ Skates
– 25€ Shin guards
– 15€ Socks
– 50€ Hockey pants
– 30€ Shoulder pads
– 15€ Elbow pads
– 15€ neck and throat guard
– 60€ Helmet with face protection
– 30€ Hockeystick

290€ to play hockey the first year.

Hockey vs Floorball and team size
Hockey players warming up before a practice game against a floorball team.

Floorball costs in Sweden for 7-8 year old players, close to Stockholm;

– 60€ in training fee (130€ after two years)
– 40€ Shoes
– 30 € Protective glasses
– 55€ Team tracksuit
– 25€ Team shorts and socks
– 20€ Team bag
– 50€ Floorball stick

280€ for playing floorball the first year.

The cost to start playing the first years are quite similar, hockey has the rumour of being expensive hanging over already from the beginning, but as a floorball parent you are forced to buy “team spirit strengthening” equipment from the beginning which increases the start up cost.

By buying used equipment and being careful with the items around the sport (tracksuits etc. this is directed towards the teams) you can keep the cost down in both sports and allow your children(s) to try and practice both?



Floorball and Hockey from a player perspective

If you have the opportunity or possibility to combine floorball and hockey practices as a player, I think you should do it, that’s my recommendation based on earlier posts. You as a player will benefit from it in both in hockey and floorball, since the two sports are very similar, requiring similar skills in stickhandling, game understanding, body contact, strength etc.

Hockey vs Floorball

Make the choice between the sports later, both floorball and hockey are fantastic games and can be combined and will strengthen your skills as a player in both sports.

Make the choice between the sports later, when you are older, depending on what you like or sometimes what you have the best skills for.

Floorball vs. Hockey from a coach perspective Part 3

Players coming from hockey to floorball are already on a very good level ragarding stickhandling and they are used to body contact, which is increasing in floorball, and the hockey players have also good “foot skills / foot work” from all different skating practices.

If you try to summarize what the two sports floorball and hockey can bring to ech other is;

Floorball to Hockey skills

– Stickhandling skills
– Early game understanding
– Passing skills

Hockey to Floorball skills

– Different type of stickhandling skills and practices
– New dimensions to the game understanding
– Strength and body contact
– Movement into the game

Common skills between floorball and hockey

– Passing
– Tactics
– Technical skills (like stickhandling)
– Game systems and set ups
– Shots

Hockey and floorball in cooperation

I personally and as a coach try to find the benefits between floorball and hockey instead of competition in the early ages. Floorball can develop hockey and hockey can develop floorball, you just need to have an open mind and co-operate and create contacts over these two sport borders, this will benefit both sports and the amount of players!

We can share the players and develop them together to be stars in either floorball or hockey in the end!

Floorball vs. Hockey from a coach perspective Part 2

I’m today fully engaged as a hockey coach in a youth team and “partly” involved in different floorball asignments. What I can see is that floorball players playing hockey are mostly extremely skilled in stickhandling and they are also a head regarding game understanding, WHY? I think it’s simply because you don’t need to focus on learning skating. Therefore in floorball you can focus on stickhandling and game understanding at an earlier stage than in hockey, and as a hockey coach I’m greatly thankfull for that support from floorball to my players in my hockey team.
Hockey vs Floorball and team size

Floorball vs. Hockey from a coach perspective Part 1

Floorball vs. hockey, I think this is the way it’s seen among hockey and floorball coaches and you have a lot of preconceptions involved among the coaches, which are also very often transferred to the players and already there you have a huge barrier to break through, if you would like to try to combine the participation between these two sports, hockey and floorball.

Hockey – “Floorball is for weak hockey players” or “Hockey for girls”
Floorball – “Hockey is extremely expensive” or “Hockey players have the wrong values, they are too macho!”

Floorball defense

With these and similar statements, you create a huge conflict to a young floorball or hockey player who would like to try or start with one of the sports, which side should you choose (many times a young players parent will choose for them)?
I don’t think you should choose one side, I think you should try to combine these two sports, hockey and floorball, if it’s possible, since they will be complementary to each and other and improve the players in general.

So instead of seeing the benefits from combining floorball and hockey, when you are dealing with young floorball or hockey players, the focus is put on building barriers, starting from many coaches or sometimes parents?

Youth Floorball and Hockey – Can these be combined?

Floorball and hockey will be the theme for a couple of posts and I rather talk about floorball and hockey (combination / co-operation), than floorbal vs. hockey (competition), even if I will be forced to use floorball vs. hockey as well.

This first post will be a general post about hockey and floorball and the first question is, can these two sports floorball and hockey benefit from each other?

I think they absolutely can, floorball and hockey are very similar sports when it comes to required technical skills, tactics, game understanding and systems. The first and hard practical obstacle will be in combining these two sports, since both are played during the same season (winter). Therefore both floorball and hockey will be “fighting” to get the same athletes/youth players into their teams.

Hockey and Floorball practice game together

I think co-operation between hockey and floorball is the key. At least in the teams I’m engaged in “we” have managed to do this, hockey practices are mainly on Mondays and Thursdays and floorball practices are on Wednesdays, co-operation instead of competition.

I will continue to dig into this theme in several posts, from a coach perspective, a player perspective and a parents perspective.

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